20th century rhetoric part one

20th century rhetoric part one - Raymie Mckerrow Four Main...

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20 th century rhetoric Late 19 th and early 20 th century Curricula: Heavy elocution Changes of the 20 th century -Late 1920 radio first mass communication Renewed Interests in rhetoric 5 main trends in rhetorical study 1. Promotion of healthy human relations -I. A Richards And Kenneth Burke Richards- Miss communication and how to fix Burke- Cultures are estranged from communicating with each other. 2.Rhetoric against the claims of science Richard- Rhetoric holds our culture together Toulmin- How normal individuals argue 3. Rhetoric Pragmatic role in society How words impact people, promote greater understanding and appreciation. Cornell school- Bitzer and black. 4. Rhetoric Informs all communication Past: rhetoric was a tool for getting ideas out New Rhetoric as persuading ourselves Burke, Weaver, Mcgee 5. Rhetoric/ Criticism as political activism
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Unformatted text preview: Raymie Mckerrow Four Main Periods of development 1900-1920: little support No institutional support Pivotal Pub #1 :1915 “public speaking”-Broke the mold of elocutionists NCA (National Communication Association) & QJS- Quarterly journal of speech 1920-1940: Rapid Growth Cornell school- First Graduate program on rhetoric Pivotal Pub #2: “Studies in honor of James A Winans” First Non-text book. 1940-1965: Consolidation & Expansion 1. Consolidations Pivotal Pub #3: 1943 Brigance Snapshot of current practices Expansion of rhetoric: Donald Bryant: Sales, Marketing and PR Kenneth Burke: All discourse Chaim Perelman: Reason about beliefs R. Weaver: Values and Language 1965- Beyond Pivotal Pub #4 Ed black “rhetorical criticism” Explosion methods New left and Ideological criticism Derrida, Fouralt, Mckerrow....
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20th century rhetoric part one - Raymie Mckerrow Four Main...

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