Journal 4 - If illegal aliens are given drivers licenses,...

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Jonathan Jaklitsch Anthropology 143 2/7/08 Election Could Turn on Immigration The article “Election Could Turn on Immigration” by Robert Kelly of the Salem News summarizes what should be done about illegal immigration and why illegal immigrants should not receive the same rights as legal American citizens. The author of the article strongly opposes giving illegal immigrants certain rights, such as giving them drivers licenses. This was a plan that was most recently implemented by Governor Eliot Spitzer on New York and backed by Hillary Clinton. There was an overwhelming opposition to this plan by New Yorkers.
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Unformatted text preview: If illegal aliens are given drivers licenses, what is next—giving them the right to vote? This idea has actually been tossed around and there are many supporters of getting such a law passed. I feel like the author goes overboard with a few of his statements, but I agree on a few key points. I agree that “American laws must be obeyed”, “borders must be protected”, illegal immigrants should not be given the right to drive or vote, and “employers who hire illegals must be seriously punished”....
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