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ch. 7 and 14 notes

ch. 7 and 14 notes - 6 Citing the views of people who are...

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Quinton Boughton Pearls Ch. 7 & 14 1. Good speeches need strong supporting materials to bolster the speaker’s point of view. 2. You need to make sure your supporting materials are accurate, relevant, and reliable. 3. Extended examples tell a story vividly and dramatically which pull the listeners into the speech. 4. The main value of statistics is to give your ideas numerical precision. 5. Explaining what statistics mean is particularly important when you deal with large numbers, since they are hard to visualize.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Citing the views of people who are experts is a good way to lend credibility to your speeches. 7. Be careful not to overestimate what your audience knows about the topic of your speech. 8. Concise organization is especially important in speeches about processes. 9. Speeches about concepts are often more complex than other kinds of informative speeches. 10. Get your audience involved straight from the beginning of your speech....
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