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Unformatted text preview: 12) =PsiUniform($O$12,$P$12) =PsiUniform($O$12,$P$12) =PsiUniform($O$12,$P$12) =PsiUniform($O$12,$P$12) =PsiUniform($O$12,$P$12) =PsiUniform($O$12,$P$12) =D11*(1+D12) =E11*(1+E12) =F11*(1+F12) =G11*(1+G12) =H11*(1+H12) =I11*(1+I12) =J11*(1+J12) =K11*(1+K12) =L11*(1+L12) Income Fund Investment Income Fund Start Income Fund Return (%) Income Fund End =C5+D5 =C15 =PsiNormal($O$17,$P$17) =C16*(1+C17) =$D$5 =C18+D15 =PsiNormal($O$17,$P$17) =D16*(1+D17) =$D$5=$D$5 =$D$5=$D$5 =$D$5 =$D$5 =$D$5 =$D$5 =D18+E15 =E18+F15 =F18+G15 =G18+H15 =H18+I15 =I18+J15 =J18+K15 =K18+L15 =PsiNormal($O$17,$P$17) =PsiNormal($O$17,$P$17) =PsiNormal($O$17,$P$17) =PsiNormal($O$17,$P$17) =PsiNormal($O$17,$P$17) =PsiNormal($O$17,$P$17) =PsiNormal($O$17,$P$17) =PsiNormal($O$17,$P$17) =E16*(1+E17) =F16*(1+F17) =G16*(1+G17) =H16*(1+H17) =I16*(1+I17) =J16*(1+J17) =K16*(1+K17) =L16*(1+L17) Growth & Income Investment Growth & Income Start Growth & Income Return (%) Growth & Income End =C6+D6 =C20 =PsiNormal($O$22,$P$22) =C21*(1+C22) =$D$6 =C23+D20 =PsiNormal($O$22,$P$22) =D21*(1+D22) =$D$6=$D$6 =$D$6=$D$6 =$D$6 =$D$6 =$D$6 =$D$6 =D23+E20 =E23+F20 =F23+G20 =G23+H20 =H23+I20 =I23+J20 =J23+K20 =K23+L20 =PsiNormal($O$22,$P$22) =PsiNormal($O$22,$P$22) =PsiNormal($O$22,$P$22) =PsiNormal($O$22,$P$22) =PsiNormal($O$22,$P$22) =PsiNormal($O$22,$P$22) =PsiNormal($O$22,$P$22) =PsiNormal($O$22,$P$22) =E21*(1+E22) =F21*(1+F22) =G21*(1+G22) =H21*(1+H22) =I21*(1+I22) =J21*(1+J22) =K21*(1+K22) =L21*(1+L22) Aggressive Growth Investment Aggressive Growth Start Aggressive Growth Return (%) Aggressive Growth End =C7+D7 =C25 =PsiNormal($O$27,$P$27) =C26*(1+C27) =$D$7 =C28+D25 =PsiNormal($O$27,$P$27) =D26*(1+D27) =$D$7=$D$7 =$D$7=$D$7 =$D$7 =$D$7 =$D$7 =$D$7 =D28+E25 =E28+F25 =F28+G25 =G28+H25 =H28+I25 =I28+J25 =J28+K25 =K28+L25 =PsiNormal($O$27,$P$27) =PsiNormal($O$27,$P$27) =PsiNormal($O$27,$P$27) =PsiNormal($O$27,$P$27) =PsiNormal($O$27,$P$27) =PsiNormal($O$27,$P$27) =PsiNormal($O$27,$P$27) =PsiNormal($O$27,$P$27) =E26*(1+E27) =F26*(1+F27) =G...
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