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1 april 2012 jennergren lp 2011 a tutorial on the

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Unformatted text preview: nergren LP. 2011. A Tutorial on the Discounted Cash Flow Model for Valuation of Companies (Ninth Revision). SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in httBusiness Administration 1Kaen FR. 2003. A Blue Print for Corporate Governance : Strategy, Accountability and The Preservation of Shareholder Value. American Management Association USA. Jensen MC. 1986. Agency Costs of Free Cash Flow, Corporate Finance and Takeovers. American Economic Review 76 (2) (May): 323 – 329. http://search.proquest.com. Jensen MC, Solberg, Zorn. 1992. Simultaneous Determination of Insider Ownership, Debt and Dividend Policies. Journal of Financial Economics 3: 305-360. Penman SH. 2001. Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation. International Edition. McGraw-Hill Irwin. Singapore. 81 Ross S. 1977. The Determination of Financial Structure : The Incentive Signaling Approach. Bell Journal of Economic 8: 2340. http://search.proquest.com. Vogt SC, JD Vu. 2000. Free Cash Flow and Long-Run Firm Value; Evidence from the Value Line Investment Survey. Journal of Managerial Issues 12 (2) Summer: 188 – 207. Watts RL, JL Zimmerman. 1986. The Positive Accounting Theory. Prentice Hall International, Inc Yudianti, FN. 2005. The Effect of Investment Opportunity Set and Earnings Management to the Relationship between Free Cash Flow and Shareholder Value. International Conference on Business and Management Research. http://pdeb.fe.ui.ac.id.Penman (2001)...
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