Applied problems predict the product of the following

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Unformatted text preview: the product of the following reactions and another functional Thiols Only produced by substitution. INVERT STEREOCHEMISTRY IF SN2!!! R-X+NaSH—+R-SH+NaX Sulfides Formed by a reaction similar to the Williamson Ether Synthesis. However, thiols are more acidic, so a more mild base can be used. 1aSil treated with followed by r. will synthesize a sulfide, R-S-R. Applied problems- Predict the product of the following reactions A word of caution. Last semester, Dr. Miles put a reagent on the exam called "Raney Nickel." You will learn what this does in Orgo 2. It is used to completely remove sulfur from a compound. If you see it as an answer choice, and sulfur is somehow gone from the molecule, it may have been caused by Raney Ni!...
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