Fairly strong hydrogen bonding a subclass of dipole

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Unformatted text preview: drogen bonding: A subclass of dipole-dipole IMFs that deal with the huge polarity of H-O. H-F and H-N bonds. These are some of the strongest IMPs. They are not stronger than Ifl C/1 n, oUcdar interactions though. Under no circumstances are any IMF greater than the strength of an intramolecular bond. Applied Problems: Explain why higher IMFs increase the boiling point of a liquid. i-& ro LtCU 1OLr AXW 5epaYtC, cV 9(Cø - 4 , Rank the following molecules by solubility in water. 1= most soluble 1 diohi uLL A) Ethanol B) Hexanol C) l-Chlorohexane D) Hexane :3\)...
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