Chapter 9-10 reaction notes

2 dms v applied problems predict the product of the

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Unformatted text preview: product of the reaction. Note stereochemistry L-/ 03 -b Loi 1- t,o pJtO S y1- Chapter 10: Alkyne Reactions Reaction H-X, 1 eq Stereochemistry Product Regiochemistry Intermediate Requirements Vinyl M Halide H-X, 2 eq cre Geminal 6 C't+ dihalide H2SO4, HgSO4() Ketone 1)R2BH Aldehyde t b%D 4 ;d5 - 2) H202, I NaOH X2, CCLI, Vicinal 1 eq dihalide X2, CC14, Tetrahalide 2 eq 1)03 - Carboxylic 2) H20 Acid 1)NaNH2 Alkyne H2/Pt Alkane 02 - H2/Lindlar Alkene Na, NH3 CO k1mt Alkylated 2) R-X --Ci9 V\ CA S - - Alkene Applied Problems: Predict the product of the reaction. Note stereochemistry where relevant! C l 0 2..)t.&ei P,J-,tdkic - -...
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