Not practical for large molecules eg isopropanol will

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Unformatted text preview: ical for large molecules. E.g. Isopropanol will be shown like this: 0 14 CY2HO1 CR3 Partially Condensed: Shows some bonds to make positioning more clear. Not practical for large loq molecules c Kekule Structures: Known as bond-line structures, these do not show any hydrogens (they are implied) and uses "corners" to denote carbons. All other molecules are drawn. A wedge in a Kekule structure denotes something out of the page. A dash denotes something into the page. Haworth Projection: Used for cyclic compounds. Shows the orientation of groups attached to the ring. Fisher Projection: Used for acyclic compounds. Shows the orientations of groups attached to chiral carbons. 0 H II \ C ?-1zl Resonance: Handles the inadequacy of bond-line structures. Shows mul...
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