Shows multiple representations of the same molecule

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Unformatted text preview: tiple representations of the same molecule, which when combined gives the idea of the true structure. Good resonance structures have the following properties. 0oz. 1. The number of charges on the molecule does not exceed 2 . Exception for % ' i fro 9 ri p 2. Electronegative atoms never bear positive charges unless k.-VC. GC-k.- ~ 3. There is never charge separation between Also, know the 5 ways to push arrows in resonance. Your book gives a detailed guide to this! Applied Problem: Identify the number of resonance structures in the following molecule. Chapter 3: Acids and Bases Qualitative Acidity is determined by the ARIO Principle. A: R: rCS-0Y1 c.¢ 1 o~ I: it1dVC is -" O:o, k,o, '- > Sri > ~ p 3 EXCEPTION: Cui rte Z v 5 - 1, lurid cGrb I\[-,.,t pka=31...
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