Quiz 8 (answers on sheet)

A hcl b nc1 3 c co bf3 e all molecules have a dipole

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Unformatted text preview: oment? A) HCl B) NC1 3 C) CO BF3 E) All molecules have a dipole moment. t , () \Dc,JtT 7 Enalapril is currently in clinical trials for congestive heart failure, and its structure is given below. What is the correct molecular formula for this interesting antihypertensive agent? OH OD C20H28N205 N - d. C 20 H 26N205 /e. b'. C 18 H 26 N 205 C 18 H 25N205 C. Enalapril A) a B) b C) c D) d E) e 8. ryptophycin C is a marine natural product with anti-cancer activity. An intermediate in its synthesis is shown below. Identify the most stable Newman projection looking down the C2-C3 bond. HO 00 3 _ O_kr NHBoc (intermediate for Cryptophycin C) HO HO 0 H OH H H BocHN BocHN BocHN .. 0 H A B C A B)B C...
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