Quiz 5 (answers on sheet)

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Unformatted text preview: 2_ W 1L1 Lk.1 2. rM C '! CH3 C(CH3)CH2CCC}I2CH(CH2CH2CHH3 C-C. D) 2,2,7-trimethyl-4-decyne A) 2,2,7-trimethyl4-undecyne 2,2,6-trimethyl-4-undecyne B) 2,2,7-trimethyl-4-nonyne C) 3,3,7-trimethyl-4-decyne 13. Select the route that would most likely produce the desired results from the given starting material. HC1ftCH3 c.- CH3CH2CH2BI Br A. (1) H2SO4 and heat; (2) HBr B. (1) KOH in ethanol; (2) HBr C. (1) KOH in ethanol; (2) HBr + peroxides A)A B)B ©C 14, How would you carry out the following conversion: H — CC--'CH HOCH2CH2CH3 'A (1) H20, H2SO4IHgSO4; (2) H2, Pt, (1) HBr ; (2) H2, Pt; (3) NaOH C) (1) H2, Lindlar catalyst; (2) BH 3 , TIIF; (3) 11202, NaOH "D) (1) Mr, peroxides; (2) NaOH; (3) 112, Pt B) (1) Aqueous H 2SO4 30 / /• 15. Determine the major product(s) of the following reaction. r'op Sr A. B > r B. Br ) C. E. A and B A)A B)B C)C D)D E) 16 Predict the product(s) of the following reaction LIII A. OH C. Or a E.A and B JC and D A)A B)B C)C D)D E)E F)F IL pErediet theTQ4COf the following reactions (a) 1.MCPBA C,! C) p35) f 2.H 3 O - 0 2CH3)2S,(DMS) ( HBr (d) 3222 c (0) H2 OH3 Pd C— H 1r...
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