Quiz 3 (answers on sheet)

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Unformatted text preview: (b~~ - 6 - ch1uyo - -b- ~- y - I-ia do -tie ~ e►~, M. (10 pts) Homework, chapter 8 () Propose a mechanism for each of the following transformations: ciiiixf OH H2SO4 - Heat /1 LJOH —> (b) The following three reactions are similar, differing only in the configuration of the substrate. One of these reactions is very fast, one is very slow, and the other does not occur at all. oenuy each reaction and explain your cnoice. LA)I C'Vk4 )YOly Qy o.vd Br 1ic ecaQsC -ft 10 if -it'L ocic &pY;rcnar cd 2 NaOH &s Sr NaOH --> -----------------------Br NaOH ICY 0 (-h6 or w i4 ,e ca-t6 12 ( 15 K'C 6 +IX54 curooY1, ("V' V L&wric VI Aq /Q °" does ye wilt -Le -fM-u1 ç 4-o v nci group IV. (15 pts) Predict the products of the following...
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