Quiz 3 (answers on sheet)

15 pts predict the products of the following

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Unformatted text preview: reactions. Indicate the mechanism (SN!, SN2, E 1 , E2 ) by which each product has been forme& if more than one alkene is given as products of any of these reactions then also indicate which alkene with be the major product (a) OC - Z C 4 ?T (b) A> k t zkz V11_c&j cY vt -. ,i. C= CVk (c) (d) a A1 - I, '- 'e) 1"OC3 I rofici() starting materials V. (6 pts) Synthesize the following target molecules (TM) from the given (SM) (a) CT ) (b) a:d v -...
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