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3 Walkers NYTimes

3 Walkers NYTimes - The Da nge r s of Ba by W a lke r s...

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3/7/13 The Dangers of Baby Walkers - NYTimes.com consults.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/22/the-dangers-of-baby-walkers/?pagewanted=print 1/2 FEBRUARY 22, 2010, 8:36 AM The Dangers of Baby Walkers By THE NEW YORK TIMES Q. D. J. from New York City asks the Consults blog: I know some people use baby walkers to help young children learn to walk. Is it true that this may actually be harmful to developing bones and muscles? A. Pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene responds: It’s so exciting to see a baby take the first step! When wheeled seats arrived on the scene that would allow babies to move around with their feet on the floor, parents and babies alike were delighted. Some parents still use these baby walkers to help their children learn to walk or to give them some exercise or mobility. Some use baby walkers almost like pacifiers for the legs: many babies seem happier when they are propelling themselves across the floor. And let’s face it, sometimes parents need to get things done. Sometimes parents use
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