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Given the evidence presented in class what disncon is

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Unformatted text preview: e been shown to hasten early motor skills Experience: Back- Lying and Locomo=on •  SIDS campaign seems to make infants less likely to roll over on schedule –  Be:er view of the world from their backs; less mo=va=on to roll over –  Maybe reduced arm strength •  But, by 18 months of age there were no differences in the development of infant crawling Footnote on SIDS Risk factors: –  #1 cause of death in healthy US infants –  Age (2- 4 months) –  Prone sleep posi=on –  Smoking –  Low birthweight (less than 1000 grams) –  Ethnicity (african american > caucasion > la=no) Incidence has declined >50% since 1990 Quick Quiz The stepping reflex seems to disappear around 2 months of age. Given the evidence presented in class, what dis=nc=on is most relevant to explaining this? a) competence vs. performance b) con=nuity vs. discon=nuity c) empiricism vs. na=vism d) Opera=onal vs. preopera=onal Which of the following is NOT a newborn reflex? a) grasping b) reaching c) sucking d) stepping Ques=on: What is domain- specificity? Ques=on: What is an associa=ve learning mechanism? Ques=on: What is a “primi=ve” representa=on? Another way experience ma:ers Experience ma:ers •  Infants avoid cliff 1 month aUer learning to crawl ...
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