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The rotang screen experiment demonstrated that infants

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Unformatted text preview: e than broken rod; look at a complete and broken rod equally d) look at a complete and broken rod equally; look more at the complete than broken rod. A B Children some%mes commit the A- not- B error when the covers blocking the toy are transparent. This manipula%on suggests: a) Children are unable to understand that an object con%nues to exist when it is not seen. b) Children’s failure on the A- not- B task may be due to problems with performance rather than competence. c) Children’s ability to uncover objects at this age is due to a simple associa%on between pulling the cover and revealing the toy, rather than the child’s ability to track the toy. d) Children cannot see through transparent covers. The rota%ng screen experiment demonstrated that infants have a concept of which of the following: a) object permanence and solidity b) unity and solidity c) iden%ty and unity d) iden%ty and object permanence We con%nue to track objects even when we cannot see them if they are a) deleted b) accreted c) occluded d) all of the above In the crackers- in- a- bucket experiment with infants, infants fail to discriminate which of the following numbers. a) 4 vs. 1 b) 2 vs 1 c) 2 vs 3 d) all of the above Problem 2: Selec%ng ac%ons Selec%ng ac%ons We can’t do everything Short term vs. long term gain Selec%ng Ac%ons We need to: Selec%vely a"end to important things Suppress unimportant things Interpret complex informa%on Create plans with mul%ple steps Adjust plans with they fail Ac%vate adap%ve behaviors Suppress unadap%ve ones Ques%on for class: What are some behaviors you want to do, but find hard? How hard is each of these for you? Saving for re%rement vs. enjoying life now Studying for tests vs. having fun in college Staying on a diet vs. ea%ng the things you like Staying faithful working through conflict vs. moving on when things fall apart •  Wai%ng for payday to spend money vs. using a credit card •  •  •  •  These require execu%ve func%oning What is Execu%ve Func%oning? 3 core cogni%ve abili%es: 1.  Inhibi+on •  •  Ignore distrac%ons and stay focused Resist making one response in favor of another 2.  Cogni+ve flexibility •  Flexibly switch perspec%ves, focus of a"en%on, or respon...
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