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Adults percepon of speech depends on the associated

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Unformatted text preview: Despite these complexi)es, English speakers have no problem perceiving /d/: •  solve the discrimina)on problem (dog vs. bog) •  solve the invariance problem (dog & dig both begin with /d/) A further ability: categorical percep/on Categorical percep/on /ba/: VOT = c. 10 msec /pa/: VOT = c. 100 msec What happens if we present sounds between these two? Can create a con)nuum from /ba/ to /pa/ by varying the Voice Onset Time (VOT). Where does /ba/ end and /pa/ begin? “pa” Boundary: 25 msec “ba” “categorical percep)on” of speech sounds: equal physical distances have different perceptual effects. What is the origin of categorical percep/on? The motor theory (Liberman): although the acous)c informa)on for speech is con)nuous...
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