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As infants learn this they suck more as they get bored

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Unformatted text preview: , the ac)ons that produce speech are categorical. Example: /ba/ vs. /da/: place of ar)cula)on Alvin Liberman (1917- 2000) The motor theory As infants and young children produce speech, they associate the sounds they make with these different ac)on categories. When children and adults hear speech, the sounds they hear automa)cally call up the associated ar)culatory ac)ons. Adults’ percep)on of speech depends on the associated ac)ons required to produce speech. The motor theory, con/nued All the phenomena of speech percep)on result from learned associa)ons of speech sounds to ar)cula)ons: •  discrimina)on: different ar)cula)ons (da/ba) •  invariance: same ar)cula)on in different contexts (da/di) Categorical percep/on: ar)cula)ons are categorial even...
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