9 Language

9 Language

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Unformatted text preview: novel sequences, so that old concepts can be recombined to create new ones If I know: The princess [n] kisses [v] the prince [n] And I learn: the frog [n] Then I can say: The princess kisses the frog Why is language interes/ng? Externalize mental states: Sound- meaning pairs make it possible to externalize our mental states via sound, so they can be reinterpreted by similar minds. Share experience: Without language, human culture would be impossible. Each creature would have to learn everything from scratch. Create new ideas: Syntax allows us to recombine pieces of language in novel ways (discrete infinity). Using language to share informa/on! Recombine and share knowledge from core systems, and knowledge learned about the world; share emo)onal states, opinions; deceive by providing informa)on at odds with the wor...
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