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Hindi da dha contrast for us infants werker dental

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Unformatted text preview: /? Shid: ba/ pa or pa/ ba No shid: ba/ ba or pa/pa Infants discriminate ba vs. pa before they can produce these sounds. categorical percep/on? The Eimas experiment (1971) /ba/ vs. /pa/ VOT boundary: 25 msec VOT 20 msec: /ba/ VOT 40 msec: /pa/ VOT 60 msec: /pa/ 20 sec differences between pa & ba, and also between pa & pa Categorical percep/on in infants: Eimas’ experiment between- category within- category no change VOT = 440 0 VOT = 40 VOT = 40 Development of Speech Percep/on Infants discriminate and categorize some speech sounds before they begin producing those sounds. The motor theory of speech percep)on is disconfirmed. Experiments since Eimas: U.S. infants discriminate every speech contrast in English. What are the origins of this ability? One possibility: learning in utero • babies can hear in utero • newborns recognize / prefer Mom’s voice • newborns recognize / prefer na)ve language Neonate preference for speech Tested newborn infants’ preference for human speech relative to sign wave transformation of the same speech Method: Conditioned sucking Example 1 Example 2 Sign...
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