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It takes 8 month old infants only 2 minutes of

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Unformatted text preview: ld You said you’d be led of the red wall at 3pm!!! I was! Can’t you combine features and geometric cues??? Today: Sound Next Class: Meaning & Concepts Words: building blocks of meaning Because language uses words, meanings must be packaged into discrete units These units must be labeled (sound, sign) /ˈæpəl/ Problem: detec)ng words in speech stream Word Detec)on •  How quickly could you pick out a word from a stream of speech like the one shown here? •  It takes 8- month- old infants only 2 minutes of training Babbling Between 6 and 10 months infants start to babble: • consonant / vowel strings Auditory feedback is crucial: • Congenitally deaf babies’ vocal babbling occurs late and is very limited, unless they are exposed to sign language, in which case they babble...
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