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S infants discriminate every speech contrast in

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Unformatted text preview: though the acous)c palerns are not. Na/ve language effects: associa)ons form only for one’s own language. Tes/ng the Motor Theory Infants begin to produce speech sounds at 6 months (“babbling”). What do younger infants perceive? If the motor theory is correct, then infants should not show these perceptual abili)es prior to the onset of ar)cula)on. But first: How to study auditory discrimina)on and categoriza)on in infants? Use logic of habitua/on in the auditory domain - but how? Condi/oned sucking and habitua/on: (birth- 4 months) Each suck on a pacifier produces a speech sound. As infants learn this, they suck more. As they get bored hearing the same sound, they suck less. (2- month- old) learning Number of sucks habitua)on baseline newborn test Time (in 1- min. blocks) Tes/ng the Motor Theory discrimina/on of /ba/ vs. /pa...
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