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The informaon for speech word boundaries formants sws

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Unformatted text preview: manually Babbling gradually converges on sounds, intona)on, and rhythm of target language How do babies do this? Speech Percep/on The first step in understanding a language: perceiving its sounds Three problems in perceiving the sounds of a language: Discrimina/on: bat vs. pat Invariance: /b/ over varia)on in speakers, intona)on, context (bat, bit, but, tub,...) Categoriza/on: which sounds count as /b/? All these problems are hard! How many sounds? “branch” dal “postpone” tal “lentil” dal http://www.phonetics.ucla.edu/ The informa/on for speech Complex palern of pressure changes Can be depicted as a superposi)on of simple waves of pressure changes: sine waves at different amplitudes and frequencies. The informa/on for speech word boundaries* formants SWS 1 clear SWS 2 clear SWS 3 clear “This is an example of a sound spectrogram.”...
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