13 ToM & Imitation

Beliefs vs facts it is cold outside i believe that it

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Unformatted text preview: th, gets block (or, for half the infants, blue cloth & ball). Test: Objects switch; hand pulls yellow cloth vs. blue cloth, doesn’t take the object. If infants see the ac7on of pulling the cloth as directed to the goal of gejng the toy, they should look longer at the test event in which the hand pulls the old cloth with the new toy. (Woodward, 2003) Children begin to treat this ac7on as directed to the toy at 12 months, when they themselves begin to engage in such ac7ons. (Woodward, 2003) Imitation: Summary At birth: babies imitate simple gestures: evidence for an early linkage between one’s own ac7ons and the ac7ons of others. 9- months: emergence of poin7ng behavior correlates with ability to interpret poin7ng of others 12 months: •...
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