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13 ToM & Imitation

Having no3ced a sewing box pa3ent 2 begins to sew two

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Unformatted text preview: d because we tremble ... Without the bodily states following on the percep7on, the la3er would be purely cogni7ve in form, pale, colorless, des7tute of emo7onal warmth. We might then see the bear, and judge it best to run, receive the insult and deem it right to strike, but we should not actually feel afraid or angry Emotions as explanation Physical stance: Explanation and prediction based purely on the physical composition of objects (e.g., good for simple objects) Design stance: Explanation and prediction that appeals to the design of an object (e.g., alarm clocks, cars) Intentional stance: Assumes that the object has beliefs, desires (goals), and will behave rationally to obtain fulfill these goals (works well for things with complex design - computers - and animate beings). Denne3: The Inten7onal Sta...
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