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13 ToM & Imitation

If infants see the ac7on of pulling the cloth as

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Unformatted text preview: t ac7ons as goal- directed? The case of poin7ng Habitua7on New object test New loca7on test Children begin to point at about ~9 months. Woodward tested infants at 2 ages: before and aeer the onset of poin7ng. (Woodward, 2000) Before infants begin poin7ng, they do not represent poin7ng ac7ons as goal- directed. This ability emerges with their own poin7ng. (Woodward, 2000) Do infants represent complex, mul7- step ac7ons as goal- directed? Events: pulling one of two blankets to obtain one of two toys. Children begin to do this themselves at 12 months (Piaget). How do they respond when they see another person do this? Tested infants below and above 12 months. (Woodward, 2003) The multi-step action studies Habitua7on: Hand pulls yellow clo...
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