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Is this a coincidence do infants represent

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Unformatted text preview: re Meltzoff experiments: •  infants view an actor who pushes a bu3on with her forehead. •  they later push the bu3on? will •  how will they push it? Findings: at 14 months, infants imitate both means and goal: They push the bu3on with their forehead. Imitation and “rational” analysis Meltzoff’s condi7on: arms free. Gergely’s varia7on: arms wrapped in a blanket. Blue=head Green=hands At 14 months, children use their forehead in the Meltzoff condi7on and their hand in the Gergely condi7on. Relation between understanding of the actions of self and other? At 5 months: •  infants first engage in goal- directed reaching themselves. •  infants first represent the reaches of others as goal- directed. Is this a coincidence? Do infants represen...
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