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1 can track small sets of objects up to 3 2 can

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Unformatted text preview: give me the dax? Other things being equal, children interpret novel words as labels for objects that do not already have a known (or newly learned) basic- level name. Whole Object Assump:on Children interpret words as referring to objects, not to stuff or parts. Pewter Pot Handle Wrench Aorta Heart E.g., This is an aorta! Can you point to the aorta? (Kids choose whole heart, until they know word “heart”) (Markman, Macnamara) Taxonomic Assump:on Children interpret new nouns as names for kinds of objects, not thema1c groupings (though they do form thema1c groupings). No- label condi1on: Look at this! Can you find another one? Label condi1on: Look at this dax! Can you find another dax? S1ll, knowing what a word refers to isn’t the same as knowing its meaning Ini1ally, childre...
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