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Are there innate concepts of large exact magnitudes

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Unformatted text preview: n overextend words How are specific meanings learned? A case study: Number Words Where does mathematics fall? Mathematical truths seem to be necessary: e.g., 1+1 = 2 Mathematics - in the form of physics - makes exquisitely accurate predictions about the universe (allowing us to land objects on Mars) How do we discover mathematical truths? Learned? Innate? Neither? Both? Could animals learn math with training? What do infants know about number? 1.  Can track small sets of objects (up to ~3) 2.  Can represent the approximate number of things in a set What do they need to learn? Positive Integers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…) Exact: 23 never means 24 - it always means exactly 23 (unlike approximate number) Unbounded: No limit of 3-4 (unlike object tracking system) “Summary” symbols: One symbols represents many things (unlike object tracking) Evidence that culture matters Cultures that lack knowledge of numerals, counting Pirahã • Hunter-gatherers •  Semi Nomadic •  Maici River (lowland Amazonia) •  Pop: about 160 - 200 •  Villages 10 to 20 people •  Monolingual in Pirahã...
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