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By 18 months children infer meaning when the thing is

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Unformatted text preview: 18- month- olds look at speaker and then follow gaze to B. 2. Children choose object B. Inference or perceptual associa:on? Two boxes, A & B Looks in B: Look! A gombey! Retrieves object in A, shows child. Retrieves object in B. Can you show me the gombey? Look, a gombey! A B Findings: Children choose B Baldwin, 1993 Children make inference about the speaker s inten1on; not a simple perceptual associa1on between word and object Let s find a gombey! Retrieves object in X: oops! Retrieves object in Y: Aha! Can you show me the gombey? At 18 months, children choose the second object Gaze: Summary By the 1me word learning begins, children can use direc1on of gaze and poin1ng to relate a speaker s words to the things she is speaking about. By 18-...
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