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Non linguisc clues gaze direcon people tend to look

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Unformatted text preview: rip1on) Runner (temporary state) These are all ways in which we can describe this object. Rabbit in the morning Fur (rabbit stuff) Rabbit or baseball Dinner (rabbit stuff) Undetached rabbit parts Tail (part) Con1nuous succession of rabbit 1me slices Family (collec1on) Rabbit un1l 2010, then tortoise Species Furry, prely, swim (property) Race (event) Hopping (ac1on) Life, fecundity, nature (abstrac1on) Ambiguity Word learning requires constraints; a form of mind- reading What are the building blocks of this mind reading? Non- linguis:c clues… Gaze direc:on: People tend to look at the things they are naming. By 9 months, infants follow gaze and poin1ng ac1ons Gaze and word learning When child looks at object A experimenter looks at B and names it Look, a blicket! At test: Can you give me the blicket? A B Findings: 1. When experimenter says blicket,...
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