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What s on this card say four or five for sets of more

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Unformatted text preview: •  Resist assimilation to Brazilian culture •  Limited trading (no money) •  No external representations (writing, art, toys …) Piraha, photos courtesy Ted Gibson & Mike Frank, MIT What is missing? Are words necessary? No: Body-based counting systems Torres Straight counting system Yupno counting system Learning number words requires a placeholder system Does it also require constructing new concepts? Are there innate concepts of large exact magnitudes, e.g., 57? One early theory Stage 1: Children memorize coun1ng list Stage 2: Children learn that count list relates to number Stage 3: They quickly map words onto innate number concepts Gelman & Gallistel, 1978 How to test counting ability Give-a-Number task One-Knower Two knower Cardinal Principle Knower Children learn in stages Knower Level Stages Stage 1: Non-knowers Children learn to recite partial counting sequence Don t know the meanings of any number words Knower Level Stages Stage 2: One-knowers Shortly after 2nd birthday, children learn meaning of one Give-a-number: Give 1 for one , and a random amount for two, three, fou...
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