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15 Moral Development

6 05 04 bystander stress natural 03 bystander stress

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Unformatted text preview: ud, Nietzsche, etc. right? What is the nature of human moral intuiDon? Do we have a sense of jusDce that is independent of our own good? What is the origin of our moral sense? Are our moral beliefs constructed to serve our own needs? One element of morality: empathy First emoDonal response: Crying… hLp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=- ViXxWzpYik&feature=related Empathy? Newborns cry when newborns cry Conclusion 1: More babies cry when they hear crying than when they don’t Conclusion 2: Average minutes spent crying is also significantly greater. Empathy? Newborns cry when newborns cry Reduced crying for syntheDc crying, or for crying from older infants Newborns cry more for newborn crying. Simner, 1970 This is not just a response to crying in general – i.e., sDmulus - > response Newborn...
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