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15 Moral Development

Children were then presented with 16 brief quesdons

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Unformatted text preview: he or she stated his or her own name or said "me." Score of 1 - 5 These behaviors emerge in sequence in the second year; See Bertenthal and Fischer (1978) Related to empathy: Helping others Humans, by some accounts, are the only species that altruisDcally helps unfamiliar individuals (who are unlikely to reciprocate) This emerges in the second year of life 18- month- olds help strangers altruisDcally •  Infants were presented situaDons in which unfamiliar adults needed help solving a problem •  In most scenarios they spontaneously helped Warnecken & Tomasello, 2006 Control condiDons •  In control condiDons, the same events occurred, but the experimenter did not indicate that there was a problem (e.g., by reaching, verbal cues, etc.) 18- month- olds helped adults These helping behaviors may not be common in the animal kingdom, but they are not unique to humans Warnecken & Tomasello, 2006 Alexandra the Chimp Alexandra the Chimp Alexandra the Chimp Another precursor to morality: Disgust Rowng strawbe...
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