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15 Moral Development

Mature sexual reladonships beyond sexual desire we all

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Unformatted text preview: Unrealizable pleasure For Freud, the young boy’s ulDmate desire is union with his own mother Superego Development Oedipus complex: a psychosocial conflict in which a boy experiences a form of sexual desire for his mother and wants an exclusive relaDonship with her –  son’s desire for his mother and hosDlity toward his father is so threatening that the episode is repressed and infanDle amnesia results –  The complex is resolved through the boys’ idenDficaDon with his father •  Electra complex: involving eroDc feelings toward the father, resulDng in their developing a weaker conscience than boys do Origins of mother fixaDon in pleasure from breasheeding Once forbidden, primary saDsfacDon from defecaDon Then genital sDmulaDon Then sexual desires are channeled into sports, art, learning, hobbi...
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