15 Moral Development

When the ego sleeps these urges emerge and do balle

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Unformatted text preview: intuiDons come from? How flexible are they? Are we born savages, and shaped by forces of society to be “good”? A Freudian view of the child’s moral development Born with innate psycho- sexual urges and insDncts that conflict with reality Moral rules are imposed from reality, society, not from innate intuiDons. Id, Ego, Superego SUPEREGO InternalizaDon of constraints from REALITY (e.g., parents) EGO Arbiter of reality and desires ALempts to guide behavior RaDonalizes behaviors driven by ID ID Unconscious urges; Biological needs: food, sex, etc. When the ego sleeps, these urges emerge and do baLle with the superego Ego must saDsfy both Id and Superego •  Suppress, raDonalize, channel behavior of ID •  Strive to saDsfy Superego (reality principle) •  Balance these two opposite forces hLp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mkin1FhojCo Key problem:...
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