15 Moral Development

Who is nicer this boy or this boy ng heyman barner

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Unformatted text preview: rries are disgusDng Also: pus, feces, corpses, bodily fluids (especially on food), etc. etc. May be adapDve: prevents us from ingesDng contaminated food, and from coming into contact with disease However: Disgust is also extended to behaviors, people, events and influence moral judgment RelaDon between Disgust and Morality • HypnoDzed subjects who are focused on disgusDng thoughts later rated behaviors as more immoral than control subjects (Wheatley & Haidt, 2005). • Adults make harsher moral judgments when seated at a messy, disgusDng desk (Schnall, Haidt, Clore, & Jordan, 2008) • Disgust sensiDvity is predicDve of poliDcal affiliaDon (liberals are less easy to disgust, conservaDves easier to disgust); Inbar, Y., Pizarro, D., & Bloom, P. (2008) • Disgust sensiDvity (rowng fruit, pus, gore) is correla...
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