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15 Moral Development

Etc may be adapdve prevents us from ingesdng

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Unformatted text preview: ed 6 in. above the child's head by sDff wires fixed to the back of the special vest. The child passed this task if he or she found the hat above his or her head by looking into the mirror. 3. Toy task. The inves0gator dangled a toy on a string behind the child siwng in front of the mirror and asked the child to find it. The child passed this task if he or she turned around and found the toy aTer seeing its reflecDon. 4. Rouge task. The child passed if he or she looked in the mirror and then touched his or her nose or otherwise indicated that something was different about his or her nose. 5. Name task. The mother pointed to the child's reflec0on in the mirror and asked, "Who's that?" The child passed if...
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