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15 Moral Development

G helpers infants prefer helper over hinderer 6 month

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Unformatted text preview: ted with moral judgments of homosexuality (Inbar et al., 2009) Extension of disgust to morality in development “Have you ever heard someone say that something is disgusDng? In this game, we are going to talk about what kinds of things can be called disgusDng.” Children were then presented with 16 brief quesDons all in the following form: “Can [acDon] be called disgusDng?” Danovitch & Bloom, 2009 Exp. 1 Physical vs. Moral Disgust Physical DisgusDng 1. Smelling a roLen piece of fruit 2. Falling into a pile of garbage 3. Touching a worm 4. Puwng your hand in some slime Physical NondisgusDng 1. Smelling a fresh piece of bread 2. Falling into a pile of sand 3. Touching a rock 4. Puwng your hand in some fresh water Danovitch & Bloom, 2009 Moral disgust More Severe Moral ViolaDon 1. Stealing money from a liLle kid...
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