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15 Moral Development

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Unformatted text preview: es, etc. Mature sexual relaDonships Beyond sexual desire •  We all know what it means to have unspoken beliefs, desires, urges that we have to control. •  We can’t always do what “feels” good in any old context •  Reality Principle: constraints of other people’s desires & needs limits how we can act out desires Another example: Nietzsche Nietsche: The transvaluaDon of all values •  Our moral framework is constructed to serve our own needs, and the saDsfacDon of our desires •  Moral views change as our needs change •  Powerful impose moral codes on less powerful to fulfill their will; do so using religion, jusDce system, etc. •  Nietzsche condemned concept of “sin” as a construct, created by elite and powerful to control masses. Are Fre...
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