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1 more girls take the sat less able boys may be

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Unformatted text preview: egg: Chicken: does discrimina-on, prejudice, stereotyping cause women to avoid math & science because they believe they are unable? Egg: Does lack of ability in women lead to belief that they are unable, and create the stereotype? One op-on: empirical debate about gender SAT: Males and females use different strategies to solve verbal math problems When problems permit either spa-al or verbal encoding, males prefer spa-al, and perform beIer on ques-ons that favor spa-al solu-ons Gap in performance narrows when all students are instructed to use a spa-al strategy S-ll, choice of tasks may lead to real differences Boys score higher on SAT- M (small difference) But does this reflect a difference in math ability? 1. More girls take the SAT (less able boys may be selected out) 2. How do we know that the SAT is a valid measure of math ability, and not biased to fit strategies (ways of thinking) of men? e.g., Girls perform beIer on items that ask whether a problem can be solved given available data; these items have been removed (because they are trainable) (Gallagher & Kaufm...
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