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G 70k 53200 in female dollars 100k 69k later in career

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Unformatted text preview: But these are the same resumes! Marlowe et al., 1996 Less pay for women, especially in mid to late career Women’s earnings increased from 61 to 76.5% of men’s Plateau in the 90’s Change driven mainly by younger workers e.g., 70k = $53,200 in female dollars $100k = $69k later in career Blau & Kahn (2000). Journal of Economic Perspec;ves- Volume 14, Number 4- Fall 2000- Pages 75- 99 In academia, difference in pay is predicted by smaller chance of promo-on Women are less likely to be promoted when controlling for other factors like produc-vity At Harvard, when Lawrence Summers was president, women got tenure as follows: 2002: 9/35 2003: 6/32 2004: 4/32 (in 2000, before he arrived, it was 14/41 and in 2001 13/36) Are these judgments grounded in reality? Summers: biological differences between men and women may partly explain gender differen...
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