14 social categorization

Male female dierence it is subtle malleable and likely

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Unformatted text preview: an, 2005) Does the SAT even maIer? Does it predict success? Performance in Math Class Highschool: Girls and boys take classes of equal difficulty Girls get beIer math grades College: Women less likely to study math (but are s-ll 47% of math majors in US) Women who do take math do just as well as men SAT vs. Math Class When controlling for SAT, women do BETTER, sugges-ng that SAT is not a good predictor of math differences Royer & Garofoli, 2005 Look interna-onally READING: In most countries girls score higher in reading than boys in 4th and 8th grade MATH: In most countries, no difference between boys and girls in math Interna-onal Educa-on Associa-on, PIRLS 2001 (4th graders in 35 countries) and TIMSS 2003 (8th graders in 47 countrie...
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