14 social categorization

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Unformatted text preview: s) GRADE 4 12 coun-es show male advantage in math 10 countries show female advantage 14 coun-es show no significant difference GRADE 8 8 coun-es show male advantage in math 16 countries show female advantage 23 coun-es show no significant difference Differences in math performance affected by cultural variables If there’s a male- female difference, it is subtle, malleable, and likely subject to cultural influence, opportunity, encouragement, etc. Problem: Real world correla-onal data are messy! Another strategy to determining whether prejudice reflects reality: Minimal groups If we don’t care about the defining property, we shouldn’t care about the group. So we certainly wouldn’t care about a social group that is based on proper-es that are: - Novel - Arbitrarily assigned - Value- neutral Which do you like beIer? The Minimal Group Effect Differen0al treatment of ingroup: –  Awtudinal preference for ingroup –  More posi-ve aIribu-ons...
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