BIOL 2903V- Mar 20a 2013

Meadow voles are common cyclic affect animals that

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Unformatted text preview: the shores. These are food for Peregrine Falcons. Meadow voles are common, cyclic, affect animals that eat them, food for predators. Snowy Owl. Middle of the island: Owl Woods because owls in migration or in winter will roost in day and hunt at night. Wolfe Island is another important island. It is an important stopover site for migrating birds. Tundra nesting birds. Wind turbines now dominate the Wolfe Island landscape. Turbines pose a serious threat to migrating bats, donʼt like to fly across big bodies of water, narrowest spots and island hop. Dead bats under the turbines. First found in Alberta, all dead didnʼt have broken bones, blood from mouth, blades not hitting the bats. The pressure change because between blades, lungs canʼt handle pressure change and lungs are bursting. Bats have 1 or 2 young per year only, concerns can become rare and maybe extinct. Deer thrive on the island when habitat change from forest to open habitat. Main Duck Island (donʼt need to know name). Bird surveys, planning on putting wind turbines. Limestone. Gneissic or Granitic rocks there from glacial erratics. Lots of Northern Water Snakes....
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