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Ring necked pheasants are also an introduced species

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Unformatted text preview: d intentionally here. Ring-necked Pheasants are also an INTRODUCED species. Brought to Ontario and released to be hunted, also used to be more common. Wild Turkeys are also not native to most of the GL SL Lowland. Were in Southern zone, then all wiped out (hunters), then movement to bring them back to Ontario, they were let go all through Kingston, Lowland area, and beyond in CS, Superior. North frostbite and died, this area thrived. The Great Success program. False pretense of re-introduction, but itʼs introduction because first time in this area. Wild Turkeys eat a lot, grain, chicks, small snakes, islands- endangering native species. A globally rare habitat is found in Ontario Lowlands. ALVARS= Limestone “pavement” covered by very thin soil. Alvars are found in the Ottawa SL Lowland near Braeside, Almonte, and Kemptville. Several species of plants are indicators of alvars. Fringed Gentian (cloudy day closed, sunny day open-bee pollination), some calciphilic orchidsyellow ladyʼs slipper, Ramʼs-head ladyʼs sli...
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