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He assisted with technical aspects of establishing

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Unformatted text preview: stment banker. He assisted with technical aspects of establishing the business and it became so consuming he left his job to become co-owner of Temperley London. They eventually married in 2002, and had their first child in 2008. A 2010 Telegraph article addressed their partnership, “Alice is the designer, and responsible for all creative and aesthetic decisions, while Lars oversees all the financial and contractual matters. ‘We have separate offices and separate managers so there’s not really a crossover,’ says Alice. ‘But we have the same focus. Two brains that work very differently are better than one’” (Fellowes). Of course the business wouldn’t be so successful without Temperley’s immense talent. Her achievements are highlighted on the Alice by Temperley website, “Temperley has won many awards from a young age including the Award for Innovation from Central Saint Martin’s, English Print Designer of the Year 1999 at Indigo Paris, Glamour Magazine Designer of the Year Award, the Elle Magazine Young Designer of the Year Award along with The Walpole Awa...
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