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Unformatted text preview: red to 26% of peers without heart disease CHF­SOB, edema, decreased independence in IADL. Most commonly reported: • Shopping, cleaning (Norberg, Boman & Lofgren 2008) • Heavy housework, laundry, travelling (Incalzi et al, 2005) Strain, but mostly independent in BADL Hypotension and falls CVA-effect on function CVA-effect 50­70% regain functional independence 15­30% are permanently disabled 20% require institutional care at 3 months For people with ischemic stroke at 6 months: 50% had hemiparesis, 30% unable to walk without assistance, 26% dependent in ADL, 19% had aphasia Arthritis Arthritis OA For older adults, most common chronic health condition after hypertension Effects on occupational performance performance Individuals with arthritis were more likely to present with persistent difficulty walking several blocks...
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