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Unformatted text preview: • Approximately 33% only speak Spanish • Creates a barrier to education, employment, and utilization of healthcare service • Access to SSI, Medicare, and Medicaid requires a sponsor for 5 years first. Illegal immigrants cannot access resources. Older Latinos continued Older Latinos continued • Lower mortality rates from acute and chronic illness • 1.5 X more likely to have diabetes • Latinas have higher mortality rates due to cervical and uterine cancer • Older Latinos are more likely to experience depression • Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans experience chronic and disabling conditions earlier in life • Higher rates of ADL limitations­ see required reading • Greater reliance on home remedies, spiritual healers, herbal medicines Asian Americans Asian Americans • 30 distinct cultural groups, 100 different • • • • languages Socio­economic and educational diversity Nearly 80% of Asian American elders are foreign born First wave of immigrants shares experience of discrimination and isolation Subgroups of poverty among recent immigrants Asian Americans continued Asian Americans continued • On the whole, healthier than the general U.S • • • population due to health behaviors (smoking, drinking, diet) However, Asian­American women have highest rates of osteoporosis Slightly higher rates of depression (highest among Korean Americans) Many do not receive appropriate mental health treatment Asian Americans continued Asian Americans continued • Rates of diabetes are higher among Japanese Americans, Asian­Indians and Filipino’s • Cardiovascular disease is higher among Korean Americans • Hypertension among Chinese and Filipino immigrants • Low rates of health service utilization...
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